Friday, November 10, 2006

John Donne Assignment

This poet, writer, was a little strange for me to figure out but I think I have gotten to understand the importance of him in literature. John Donne was a very promising poet at one point in his career. Until he married Lady Egerton's neice, which according to his biography effectively committed career suicide. He was thrown into prison for some weeks and eventually when he got out of prison there were many bitter years to come. He eventaully won the favor of the king and began publishing his works again. He was a very reluctant person for hids time but his style, symbolism, flair for drama, and his quick wit soom established him as a literary person of his era. After the death of his wife, he stopped writing love songs and poems and began to write about death and he eventually became obsessed about death.
Other than that information about John Donne, I am not really sure why he is so important. He wrote many love songs and poems and it seems that he was revolutionary for his time. He seemed to be well respected for most of his lifetime , with the exception of the time when he was married to Anne in the beginning. If I find anything else, I will be sure to add to this posting.


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