Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Faerie Queene Guide

Here are three great resources for The Faerie Queene by Edumund Spencer
The reason I chose this web site is because it is a must for anyone taking literature classes, especially when you are reading literature that is hard to understand. It gives you context information, summaries, character descriptions and summaries, and questions to study that are general in nature about themes, etc.
This site breaks down the themes of the Faerie Queene and allows you to print or download a pdf version that is usable and easy to put right in your notebook for reference. Most of the other web sites do the same but this one was especially nice for the direct themes.
This is a website from California Polytechnic State University's English Department. They have posted study questions on the Faerie Queene and the characters and themes. They also have broken down the questions by book and section (cantos) for easier understanding as you read through the story. This is my number one pick for help in the understanding of this reading.


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