Monday, November 13, 2006

The Age of Elizabeth (Movie Reveiw)

Queen Mary hated Elizabeth because, as she stated in the movie, “Elizabeth is my sister, but she was born a whore”. Even though Elizabeth was Mary’s sister, she hated her because she was born from a whore and she was against the Queen and the Catholic faith.
During Elizabeth’s reign, the church held a very high position and they were the ones in power. I found it interesting that the Pope himself put a hit out on Elizabeth because he thought she was against the Catholic faith. Elizabeth, being the queen, was in a position to overpower them with the people. She went to them on one occasion to persuade them to change a law and it worked, even though she put the highest priests in the dungeon and locked them up before the voting, so they could not go against her.
The King of Spain wanted to marry Elizabeth to have control over both countries. Also, the prince of France, but he was a little strange, if you know what I mean.
Lord Robert was Elizabeth’s lover. She did not kill him because she wanted to keep him alive to remind her of how close she came to danger.
Queen Elizabeth’s transformation was very significant because she wanted everyone to know that she will let no man tell her what to do. She was now married to England and that is her only duty, to England. The transformation took place after she went to the church and looked upon a statue of the Virgin Mary. She then cut her hair off and changed her look, painted her face white (which symbolizes virginity).
I think that Queen Elizabeth was one of the best English monarchs because she was loyal to England and the people of England. She kept saying through out the movie that her only concern was England and the people of England.
In the beginning, I was not sure how I was going to answer this question because she was not so independent as a woman should be. She was very dependant on what the men thought and they thought, her being a woman was the wrong thing for the country, hence the reason for everyone wanting her to get married so quickly and produce an heir. As the movie took hold, she began to come into her own and learn that what she wanted was no man to control her and that she was capable of making decisions for her country and herself. This is a great change in the role of women, especially during this time period, when women were the shadow behind the man.


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