Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Wife of Bath Discussion

1. This tale is trying to convey the message of authority. This tale is intertwined with the message of who is the authority in a marriage. According to this tale, the wife is the authority and takes control in a marriage. I kind of like this kind of control, sometimes.

2. If I had to cast an actress from today to play her, I would choose Kathy Bates. This is the first person that came to my mind when I read the tale and knew I had to answer this question. The reason I chose her is because the kind of roles that she plays is more of an authoritarian , womanizing role. She is not the most beautiful woman and she is similar to the character in the tale in her presentation. I keep thinking about the movie the Titanic and she played the boisterous rich widow who was on the cruise because she had nothing better to do. This parallels the Wife of Bath because they are similar in character and physique and they own alot of land and riches due to thier dead husbands. And if I remeber correctly, they were both married many time in the movie and the tale. Like I answered in the prologue discussion, I like the way that Chaucer develops his characters and describes them, it almost makes them real and easy to put a face from today to it.

3. Marriage is inferior to polygamy, therefore, it is OK to have many wives. In the Wife of Bath, it seems Ok to the characters as long as the woman is widowed first, then she may remarry again. Sexuality is a big part of this tale and according to the characters, it is a big part of marriage, because as long as you please your husband until he gives you all he has, when at that point it is not necessary to please him anymore, sex is important. Women are superior to men and they are the authority according to this tale.


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