Monday, June 19, 2006

Module 5 Assignment 4

To me “A Modest Proposal” is morally disturbing. It is also very disgusting. It is not a true story of what a person actually did but the concept is nerving. This story tries to show that women are not nice people. They will do anything to keep themselves alive and they don’t care about the welfare of others. They would even let their own children die for them as long as they were not hurt in the process. In “The Rape of the Lock” women are portrayed as stupid. The women became furious after the fact that she saw that a lock of her hair had been cut off. Yes, women usually do get made about that, but they don’t go on rants about it. The stories are similar is showing that women got through many extreme emotions, often at the snap of a finger. The are different by the women in “A Modest Proposal” will do things so them and only them will prosper. They don’t care about anyone else. Just themselves. In “The Rape of the Lock” women are just the opposite. If they lost something that was theirs, they would have a fit and they would practically die.


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