Monday, June 19, 2006

Module 5 Assignment 2

“To The Fair Clarinda” is about passion, desire and love. The speaker is truly in love with a women and he wants everyone to know about it. It is also about a person’s personal struggle to be happy. Society was changing during this time. People were becoming more comfortable with their sexuality. The speaker and his love were looked at not as a normal pair. They thought they were though and it didn’t matter to them. A pair didn’t have to be a man and a woman. It could be a man and a man, woman and a woman, or a man and a woman. Whatever you were happy with if ok for you.To the Fair Clarinda" is about love and passion. The speaker is very much in love with a woman and wants their love to be known. I think that their love may be a crime, but in the speaker's point of view they're innocent. "To The Fair Clarinda" is about love and desire. It is about the struggle of what makes people happy. It expresses that society was changing. People were becoming more open, sexually and socially. I don't think it was only about men and women, I think it was about all mixtures. Men with women, women with women, I think it was about becoming a free for all society.


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