Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Module 4- Who is Shakespeare

I believe Shakespeare did write all of the plays that he is credited for. Historians have studied all that they can about his life and his work. With a well-known birth date, death date, and personal details I find it hard to believe that anyone can doubt his existence. Some skeptics may make the argument that many of his works were published after they died. This however, is not a new concept. Many artists and writers become more known after their death than when they are alive. Even in today's society many music artists oftentimes have newly released songs on the radio after their death. Concerning writing- Edgar Allan Poe is just one example, and for Shakespeare to be another shouldn't seem so far fetched.
One reason that we can believe in Shakespeare's legitimacy is because his name is signed on early narrative poems that have also been recovered throughout time. Even though these poems have been adjusted throughout time for clarity and better understanding the name that remains on these poems has remained a constant all through this time of modifications.
Arguments are also brought up that Shakespeare would not have been educated enough to have the ability to write as well as he did and about such high political matters as he did. Yet, through his father and good friend, he had access to many books and would have been able to "help himself" to material on political matters, that he later wrote about.
Because of the evidence connecting Shakespeare as a person (with a wife and children) to evidence that we have of his writing, it is plain to see that Shakespeare is who we are taught he is. The connections in legal documents as well as in his writing are evident and display all the truth we need to know. Because of lack of technology at that time it is impossible for us to expect well-written histories of all authors and artists from the date in time that we are referring to. Because of this the information that we do have is so key and has to be taken for all it's worth.


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