Thursday, June 22, 2006

Module 4-Shakespeare

Shakespeare's Sonnets

1.This sonnet focuses primarily on the characteristic of beauty. Shakespeare talks about the beaty within a person and how the only way it will truly last is for it to be past down to children so tha they may do the same. The purpose is for us to understand that we have a huge inpact on the way children turn out and to focus on showing them the qualities we want them to have in ourselves.

12.This sonnet talks about living life presently instead of waiting until later to do things in our lives. It talks about the seasons passing and time fading to show people how little time they really have.

15. This sonnet is closely related to sonnet 12, talking about living life to the fullest. It relates life to nature and the stars and again encourages people to stop wasting time.

18. This sonnet is dedicated to comparing a love to a summer's day. In the sonnet he fiinds fault with the things in nature but talks about the perfectness of his love. Also, because this love is being written down it will become unaged and live on forever. I like this sonnet because it alks about how beauty and love can be a permanent thing.

20. It discusses the feminine qualities of a man and how the narratore is attracted to these things. Brings up the subject of sexuality and its "grey" areas.

29. this sonnet begins with a pesimistic point of view, focusiing on the negatives of life. The narrator then changes his attitude after he thinks of his love and because of them, that his life has purpose. Shows us that everyone can find a positive in a negative situation

30. Starts by focusing on mistakes and negatives of the past. He feels depressed because of the regret he feels for the things that he has done and cannot change. However, a friend comes to his aid and gets his mind off of his regrets. This shows that we will only be miserable if we live in our past regrets but we must move on if we want to find a better life.

31. The narrator thinks about his past loves and all the good qualities they have had. But he also compares them to his new love, realizing that they are all he's looked for. The purpose is to be able to grieve your losses but to not let that overshadow the great things you have now.

33. This sonnet talks about how the brightness of his love has now been overshadowed by darkness. Shows that even though things start off positive that it may not last forever, especially in relationships.


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