Sunday, June 18, 2006

Module 4 Assignment 6

Sonnet 1
Addressed to a young male friend, presumably a sensitive educated male aristocrat of leisure. I encourage you to procreate and thereby perpetuate your beauty. He is basically saying that someday your life will end, but you should perserve you family line and have children.
Sonnet 12
Time destroys beauty and only having children can defy Time. The memory of the youth and beauty lives on.
Sonnet 15
I will keep you alive through my poetry. He is saying that instead of having children he can keep people live and is name be taken through time by writing about his or even just writing his name in a play.
Sonnet 18
Shall I compare you to a beautiful day? No, such things are too changeable. You will be eternally beautiful, preserved in this poem, as long as men can read. He says that even after death, memories live on.
Sonnet 20
You, to a man, have a woman's features and beauty but not woman's falseness, and are both master and mistress of my passion. Since you are a man, be my love but use women for sex.
Sonnet 29
When I am in despair, I think about you and am uplifted. He is sad and just has memories to comfort him.
Sonnet 30
When I think about past losses I can weep, but thinking about you restores all my losses.
Sonnet 31
Death can take away the things that you love dearly.
Sonnet 33
He has been hurt by his friend. His friend has left him feeling unwanted and worthless. He is however ready to forgive his friend.


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