Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Module 4- The Age of Elizabeth

1. Mary hated Eliabeth mostly because of their religious differenences. Mary was Catholic, and Elizabeth was a Protestant. Also, even though the shared the same father (Henry VIII) Elizabeth was a bastard child from him and Ann Boleyn.
2. She wanted the Anglican church to unify her people together. Elizabeth would therefore be the head of the church.
3.The King of Spain wanted to marry her for political reasons, to form an alliance between England and Spain. The Duke of Anjour also wanted to marry her for political reasons, to form an allicance between England and Scotland. And Lord Robert Dudley wanted to marry her for love.
4. Sir Robert Dudley was her lover, but she does not kill him even after he commits treason. She does this so that he will serve as a reminder of her of how close she came to danger.
5. Her transformation took place phsycially and emotionally. Physically, she cut off her hair and used make-up to paint her skin white. Emotionally, she vows to be married only to England. Because of these things she is able to avoid distractions from her vital role as England's Queen. Also, this means that her rule will not continue through any of her own children.
6. I believe this is true, because she was able to unify her people through religion. Also, by transforming herself she was able to shift her focus primarily on the best interest of her country.
7. She changes this definition because oftentimes women in power are accompanied by male influences, whether it be int he form of an advisor or husband. However, she learned to trust in her own intuition and became a powerful leader by relying on herself more than others.


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