Monday, June 05, 2006

Module 3:Reading Assignment 6-questions and answers

What makes Chaunticleer groan and cluck in his sleep?
Chaunticleer is having a terrible dream or maybe it is a nightmare, of something chasing him. The something that is chasing him has the markings of a fox. Chaunticleer has been told that to be afraid of your dreams is cowardly because it shows fear. He has also been told that he had such a dream because he ate too much. I think the overwhelming responsibilities he has make him have these nightmares. He has a great deal of pressure to make sure to crow to let the sun come and live up to his social status.

What is the moral of the Pardoner's Tale and how is this contradictory to what he preaches?
He preaches to his members about the sin of the excessive desire for wealth to intimidate them into donating. "Money is the root of all evil" is the moral of the tale. Yet, he, himself is guilty of the same sins he preaches against. He is not one of morals, for he likes money and fine living.


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