Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Module 3 - Warm Up

Dear Inhabitants of Camelot (and especially my dear Lancelot):

I wished so much to be a part of your wonderful city, so safe and far away in that heavenly land you inhabit. But, alas, I cannot. I am stuck behind this mirror with my damn weaving loom! Pardon my frankness, but you see this is a suicide note, and the way I see it I can say anything I want. To hell with your flowery conventions of courtly love and romance langauge. Did any of you care to stop and visit me - to ever find out who I really was? No - not even you Lancelot - who thinks I have a pretty face - go muse yourself some space! No you all just relied on some stupid curse to take its course. Well here, I will take it into my own hands now - I will get the last word. You want to see what my world is really like, then dare yourselves to come and join me in this boat of death. Gooday and Goodnight you heathen wretches of Camelot. May you all live in beautiful shame.

-- Lady of Shalott


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