Sunday, June 04, 2006

Module 3: Warm Up

Dear God:
Thank you for allowing me to live before I had to die. I spent my life weaving and not knowing of life. Not knowing of anything but what the mirror foretold. It was a lonely desolate life, filled with fright and uncertainty, knowing I would be doomed to depart from it if I ventured out of my four gray walls and two gray towers, or even glanced at a glimpse of it. Although I should feel contempt that iIt took my whole life to gain courage to do so, I am still grateful. Although I wasted my life away, I am also still grateful. Maybe I could have spent years in the luxurious life befriending people, living life to it's fullest, but in that moment that I saw Sir Lancelot, I knew that ending my life this way would end it complete. I am fulfilled in the knowledge that my life, although not perfect, was not in vain. Thank you for that.
Blessing to all,
Lady Shallot


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