Friday, June 16, 2006

Module 3: reading assignment 6-Questions and Answers

My Questions
1. As soon as the fox opens his mouth, how does Chauntecler ensures that he will not be taken hold of again easily? To what place does he fly to?
2. After finishing his story about greed, what does the Pardoner say next?What does he say to his fallow travelers about how can they get forgiveness for their greed?

Answers to other two questions:
What is the moral of the Pardoner's Tale and how is this contradictory to what he preaches?
The moral of Pardoner's story is how greed is sinful. He preaches how love of money is the root to all evil. This is also ironic since he confesses that he likes to indulge himself with rich food and fine living. It seems that he contradict himself. While he preaches to others against greed in a meant time he admits that he is greedy one.
What makes Chaunticleer groan and cluck in his sleep?
The thing that makes Chauntecleer cluck and groan in his sleep was a nightmare. He dreamt that some kind of a beast came into yard and chased him around the yard. He describes the monster to be similar to color of a fox. Ofcourse we later learn that it was a fox, in a matter of fact.


Blogger Patp said...

The Pardoner tries to sell his pardons and fake receipts as well as his false relics to the other travelers.

He allows his own greed to blind the fact that he has confessed his false pretense to them.

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