Monday, June 05, 2006

Module 3 - Reading Assignment 6

Question - During the Pardoner's Tale, the Pardoner speaks against four vices that the young Flemish people practice. What are the four vices, and how is the Pardoner being a hypocrit in denouncing them? Cite examples from the story.

Answer to Question 1 - What makes Chauntecleer groan and cluck in his sleep? Explain the event in detail.
Chauntecleer groans and clucks in his sleep because he is having a nightmare. An orange beast, resembling a fox, threatens to kill him in the farmyard. He awakes and tells his hen love, Pertelote. She tells him not to worry for the reason that it was just a dream. He is convinced that it is an omen toward death in the near future. He tries to convince Pertelote of this by citing stories of men who dreamed of murder, then shortly after, were murdered.

Answer to Question 2 - . Does the Nun's Priest's moral affect you in any way? Can you recall any other stories involving animals that contain a specific moral? Did those morals affect the way you are today?
I think that the Nun's tale has a good moral that should affect most people. The moral of 'never trust a flatterer' applies to many people, especially college students. I can think of instances where students go to parties or to the bar and guys and girls use those corny pick up lines on them. These are used mostly for flattery, with intentions of furthering conversations, not always for the purpose of good. So that moral does apply somewhat to our generation. A story involving animals that sticks out in my mind is that of the tortise and the hare. I feel that this story's morals do affect me in that I know 'slow and steady wins the race.' I know it is imporatant to take my time and I will achieve my goals above others who rush through.


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