Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Module 3: reading assignment 5

1. The message this tale is sending is not to judge someone based on their look, but rather on a way they are inside. Chaucher is letting us know that the true beauthy is on the in side and not on the outside.
2. The actress I would choose is Charlize Theron because of her ability to transform herself. She is able to make herself very unattractive which this role would call for. Along whit this she also possess the inner beauty as well, which is important in order to play a wife of Beth.
3. It is not quit clear what his position is from this tale. It seems that he first talks about what a marriage should not be when he writes about the wife. When he is describing her and her life he writes that she was abused. In the second tale he writes about the way marriage should be. The full of trust and understanding of a wife's inner beauty. It seems that he first tells us the way marriage should not be and than the way it should be.


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