Monday, June 05, 2006

Module 3 - Reading Assignment 4

1. The Canterbury Tales thus far was a very enlightening read. I feel as though it was used to inform people of the many kinds of people that are present in our world. It tells us of 29 "folk" of the Canterbury company traveling to the tomb of Saint Thomas Becket in Canterbury. The "Host" or narrator of the story describes the different types of people who are partaking in this pilgrimage to the tomb. These descriptions assist with the readers comprehension of the story to tell the different types of people apart and truly feel like you are a part of this pilgrimage during this time period in society.

2. I think Chaucer will take some interesting approaches to the topics questioned here. For the religious side, the story obviously has a religious sense since the purpose of the journey is in fact to take a pilgrimage to the tomb of a Saint, Saint Thomas. Also there are religious icons who are taking part in this journey, a monk, nun (prioress), friar, etc. These people all show an emphasis towards religion in this story. When it comes to economics, I think Chaucer criticizes or almost makes fun of the topic. There is a "class" system or estate (where the term estate satire comes from) which means that there are 3 traditional estates in this medieval time – the aristocracy, the clergy and the common people. There is however some questionable lines in the way that Chaucer approaches economics in the story. The Merchant who you would think would be related to having and making money is in debt. As for fidelity as well as marriage, I agree with a previous post by saying that the first thing you think of is the Wife of Bath. She had numerous husbands and didn’t seem to care much for marriage thinking it was almost not necessary. You also come to see characters who will trade there women (who were considered pretty much there own social class) for menial things such as trinkets or wine.

3. What I find to be most fascinating in this story is the description of the characters. Reading through the beginning as all of the characters and their lifestyles, wardrobes and company were described to me I felt like I was there. The descriptions were so thorough and interesting and I am very excited to read on and find out more so that I can get into it even further.


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