Sunday, June 11, 2006

Module 3 Assignment 6

Question- Why do you think that the Knight pick the old and ugly woman who was faithful over the young and beautiful woman who was unfaithful? Do you think that he made the right choice? What would you have done if you were in his position? Be specific.

What makes Chaunticleer groan and cluck in his sleep?

Chaunticleer is having a terrible dream or maybe even a nightmare. In this nightmare someone is chasing him. This "thing" that is chasing him looks like a fox. Chaunticleer is afraid that someone bad is going to happen to him that has to deal with a fox. Chaunticleer is told that he is being a coward because he is afraid of a simple dream that doesn't mean anything and it is not going to come true. Another excuse for this dream was because he ate to much and because of this he is having bad dreams.

What is the moral of the Pardoner's Tale and how is this contradictory to what he preaches?

The Pardoner's preaches to everyone about sin and the desire to have tons of money and be wealthy. The moral to his tale if that "Money is the root to all evil." Nothing ever good comes from always wanting money and tons of it. He says that you should not be greedy so you should give all you money to him. He makes them feel guilty and pressures them into donating it to the church. He is guilty of this also. He should listen to what he is preaching. He likes money and he likes living with the fine things in life. This is the same money that he made the people that he was preaching to give up because they had it.


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