Thursday, June 15, 2006

Module 3- Assignment 4

1. I think the point of the Canterbury Tales was to give Chaucer a way to be real and express his honest opinion without doing it in a harsh light. With adding a bit of comedy he is able to convey the way society was without sugar-coating it for readers.
2. I think Chaucer would address all of these topics in the same way he described each of the characters. He would probably use humor to express his thoughts and be totally honest about the good, the bad, and the ugly with each. With marriage and fidelity he uses the Wife of Bath to show that although many people tried to say that they were sacred there were also people like her in society, who viewed them both in another light. With religion, he uses he monk, pardoner, and summoner to show that religion isn't the perfect solution, but that they are good examples of religious people, like the Priest. Also, with economics he uses the Pardoner to show that when it came to money that not all of it was being spent or used wisely.
3. The tone that the piece is written is the most captivating thing about it. This is one of the few pieces where there is humor and openness for everyone to see the faults of society.


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