Sunday, June 11, 2006

Module 3 Assignment 4

1. The Cantebury Tales is a story about pilgrims, who are all very different from one another, who are making a pilgrimage to Canterbury to pray at the shrine of Thomas Becket. During this journey they each had to tell a total of 4 stories. Two on the way there and two on the way back. The person who told the best story would get a free meal at the tavern where they started at. If anyone refused to tell a story they had to pay for everyone.

2. Marriage is approached in the knight's tale and in the Wife of Baths tale. Each one in very different ways. In the Knight's tale Chaucer is saying that marriage is a scared gift within the power of the Gods. In the Wife of Baths tale, marriage is not looked as something that is totally sacred. She had up to five husbands and they all died. She thinks marriage as just another way of getting money and sex by not being a whore. In her tale though there is a knight that has to decide between a old and ugly yet loyal wife or a young and beautiful yet dominat and unfaithful wife. In the miller's tale he suggests that love is deceiving and you might get hurt. Chaucer describes marriage and being in love as decieving yet magical. Chaucer takes many risks when describing religion. He makes some accusations when talking about religious figures. He could run the risk of his readers not agreeing with him. He describes many figures, as in the monk, as not totally holy and does things for himself for money. But Chaucer also shows people who are faithful and loyal to God. The Nun's Priest is a perfect example of this. She is polite, quite, loyal, and will never do anything for herself before she does something for others. Chacuer gives examples of the seven deadly sins in the Parson's tale. As for fidelity, I belive there is none. I do not know of any pilgrim that remains faithful to his or her spouse or telling any stories about faithfulness. The trading of sex is a way of repaying debts. The Pardoner tricks people into paying pardons by scareing them into paying for pardons. The Yoeman's tale they trick people into making them think they can dupicate money when they really can't.

3. The part that I really enjoyed was how Chaucer described each person in detail in the begining. He starts talking about the journey and then says to the reader before he goes any further he wants to describe each person. Chaucer depicted each character in ful detail. While you are reading it, you can picture exactly what they look like. I also like that each character has to tell a story. There story also goes along with the kind of person they are.You don't see the Miller telling the talk that they Nun's Priest did. Also when Chaucer describes the pilgrims he does not make them all perfest people. He shows the many corruptions in the church and also in society.


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