Saturday, June 10, 2006

Moduel 3 - Readings Assignment 5 : The Wife of Bath

1. I think the message that this tale is trying to convey is that you should not judge someone. In the end we find that the knight kisses the hag only then notices her true beauty (even though it may not have been outwardly noticeable from the very begining). If he would have judged her by her outter way and looks he never would have kissed her and gotten to see her true inner beauty. Afterall beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

2. In picking an actressd to play The Wife of Bath I think of Jennifer Aniston. I think Jennifer comes to mind becuase she is such an independent strong woman no matter what and this shows through not only in her acting endeavors but also in her real life. She also has a strong sexuality and seems to know how to get what she wants and to be treated like a queen, the way SHE wants it to be.

3. I feel that Chaucer's position on marriage is a little blurry to understand here. The knight is married to the old woman and trusts her in the marriage as she does him. They are happy together and like I mentioned in quesiton 1, he looks past her outter layer and sees the true beautiful woman withing. Yet when it comes to the Wife Chaucer's story is quite differen. She has not had the luck of being in a succesful marriage thus far and when she did find herself in love was abused. She therefore has a completely different and most likely wrong look at what marriage is and meant to be.


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