Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Mod. 3 - Read. Assign. 5

1.) I think that the message of this tale is that women can be just as powerful and manipulaitve as any man in Chaucer's patriarchal society. I think that it is telling us to repsect women more, as all the characters in the tale are controlled by women. Even the knight and the King himself, are driven by what the women say and do.

2.) I think I would want Demi Moore to play the Wife of Bath. She fits best since she also has been married a couple times, and she also obviously relishes the pleasures of youth (she was married to a much much younger Ashton Kutcher, a 20-something, when i think she is nearing if not over 50 years).

3.) I think Chaucer's position on marriage is that women can be more controlling in these relationships than men think - so us men have to watch out. He seems to be giving men advice on marriage in that if we give women some control over us, they (and in return, we as men) will be a lot happier. Still, you see the elements of traditional marriage clinging on in this tale, since the old-turned-young&beautiful woman does indeed become submissive to the knight in the end.


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