Monday, June 19, 2006

The Age of Elizabeth

1. Mary hated Elizabeth because she was Protestant. Mary was Catholic and afraid that is Elizabeth took over the throne, she would convert England to Protestant. Elizabeth was Mary's half sister and born an illegitimate child.
2. The Angelican Church was the Church of England. Elizabeth was the ruler at that time and made the church what it was, although the church overpowered Elizabeth. Elizabeth was at the mercy of the Pope and the rest of the church.
3. Many people wanted to marry Elizabeth. First the King of Spain wanted her hand as a guarentee to the throne and to ease any tension between the two countries. Second, the Duke of Anjour wanted ot marry her because it would stop the wars between England and Scotland. Third, Lord Robert Dudly wanted her hand because he truely loved her.
4. Lord Robert Dudly was Elizabeth's lover. She finds out that he is married and betrayed her. She keeps him alive as a reminder of the danger she was in.
5. Elizabeth transforms herself to the Virgin Queen by quitting men. She paints her face white and cuts off all her hair and declares that she is married to England. With this act, she gains power and rspect from the people because she devotes herself to the country and not to men.
6. Elizabeth was one of the best English monarchs because she devoted herself to England. When she became the Virgin Queen, she strived for England to be the dominant power. It ended up becoming one of the richest, most powerful countries ever. It has a stable church and goverment.
7. Elizabeth changed the definition of women in power because she proved that she did not need a man to help her rule. Once she became married to England, she did everything that an honorable King would do, but she was a woman. She tossed men aside and fought for what she believed in and made England a better country.


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