Friday, June 16, 2006

The Age of Elizabeth

1. Mary hated Elizabeth because she beleievd that Elizabeth would take over the throne. When she did this, Mary believed that Elizabeth would change everything from the Catholic way to the Protestant way.
2. The role of the Anglican church in Elizabeth's reign was that they were against Elizabeth. They were against her because she believed that people should only believe in one God and the church did not like that.
3. The person who wanted to marry Elizabeth was the Spanish Ambassador. He wanted to do so because they would be guaranteed the right to the throne. Mary of Guise's nephew wnated to marry Elizabeth to end the war. Also, Lord Robert Dudley wanted to marry Elizabeth. Lord Robert Dudly wanted to do so because he was truely in love with her.
4. Elizabeth's lover was Lord Robert Dudley. Elizabeth does not kill him even though he does lie to her. Elizabeth does not kill him because she wanted to him live to see the danger she would be in.
5. Eleizabeth transforms into the Virgin Queen by cutting her hair and painting she face white. She then goes out infornt of the court and annouces that she is married to England.
6. I believe that Elizabeth I was one of the best English monarchs because during the time of her reign England grew and prospered. They went from a small, weak, poor country to a rich and powerful country.
7. Her roles changes the definition of women in power by showing that women do have strength. These women just need to express it more in their everyday lives. During the time she was Queen, women did practically nothing. The men did all the work. Men were seen as being superior to women, and women had no room to grow. Each and every one of those women did have the power inside them. All they just needed to do was show it and then they would have gotten the respect that they deserved.


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