Monday, June 05, 2006

The Age of Elizabeth

Mary hated Elizabeth because she was her bastard half-sister. She also hated her because she was not a true catholic, she believed in the Protestant Church.
Elizabeth was the Queen who made the Anglican Church. She got the parliament to vote to have on Church of England. Her decision to push for one church also played a role later in her life in regards to death threats and treason.
Lord Robert, Royalty from Spain and France all wanted to marry Elizabeth.
Lord Robert was Elizabeth’s lover. He betrays her by conversing with Spain and trying to kill Elizabeth. She does kill Lord Robert because she wants a reminder of how close she came to danger.
Elizabeth goes under a transformation to become a virgin again. She wears all write and has her servants cut off all her. This is significant because it shows her rebirth of power. From that point on she no longer rules by her and does not take orders from anyone. She declares that she is married to England and will serve Her with all her power.
I think that Elizabeth was one of England’s best monarchs. She ruled for 40 years and because of her ruling England became one of the most richest and powerful countries in the world.
Elizabeth changed the role of women in power because she actually had power. She decided not to take orders from everyone else and run England how they wanted it run. She stood up for herself and ran the country as she saw fit.


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