Monday, May 22, 2006

Module 2: Reading Assingment 5

Dear Judith,
I would like to thank you for all the great deed you have preformed. Not only did you perform a task for your country you also performed a task for womanhood. I am honored that you would task such a risk to protect yourself and your country. Since you have performed such a great task and helped your country defeat Holoferne’s army I think you should be the new leader. For to long we have been run by men and until your great task we going to be defeated by Holoferne’s army. You were the one who gave us hope and inspiration to defeat theme. You were the only took the risk and had the help of god. This is why you should be the one to lead this country. You have power now and you need to use the power to become Queen. I recommend that you go and speak to the people and than to the King. You need to get the people on your side, which they all ready are. After this you need to speak tot eh King. You need the people to back you so may become Queen. This will not be an easy task but I have faith in you. If you ask for the help of the Almighty you be able to accomplish this task and lead this country with great honor and respect.


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