Monday, May 29, 2006

Module 2 - Reading Assignment 2

Christian Images

Grendel is described as a descendant of Cain from the book of Genesis and his ancestors were survivors of the 40 day flood. Therefore, destened for hell. At Hrothgard's banquet, as in Genesis I, a joyous song of creation inspires Grendel to renew his attacks. Hrothgard thanks God for Beowulf's help when Beowulf arrives. Beowulf describes his impending meeting with Grendel as being in God's hands and says that the winner will be whomever God favors.
A regretful view is used by the author in respons to Beowulf's assailents. Although Hrothgard gives Beowulf rewards, he warns him against excessive pride in his youthful strenghth. This comes from Christian's with Paegan ancestors intersecting values in an effort to reconcile them.
Grendel represnets evil (devil), therefore, Beowulf represents good (God).
Yes, these references make sense, as they describe the characters as opposites and help to emphasize that good triumphs over evil.
These images add to the text by relating the information into a logical sense that we can relate too (good vs. evil).


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