Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Module 1- Activity 1

The Romantic Period

The Romantic Period (1798-1832) was influenced heavily by the French Revolution. Many people of the time were obsessed with "violent and inclusive change in human condition." Many poets of the time were very enthusiastic about the Revolution and they also related it to the fulfillment of prophesies in scriptures. They thought that universal peace would follow this violence and human nature would change drastically.

Another major topic of the Romantic Period was "literary gothicism." This radical style involved things like nightmarish terror, violence, and sexual rapacity. One of the most famous examples of such writing is Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein." Other writers that used this style were Byron Manfred and Emily Bronte.

Lyrical poems were also another new mode of writing in this time period. Normally these lyrical poems are in terms of an developing encounter between two things like mind and nature, or subject and object. Wordsworth's example of this can be seen in "Tintern Abby." Other famous authors that wrote in this mod were Elizabeth Barrett Browning and James Joyce.

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